Reduce Fuel Consumption

Tire manufacturers state: “Farmers can reduce fuel use in the field significantly, if they drop tire pressure.”  Reducing the tires inflation pressure decreases the driving wheel slip and fuel consumption, while increases work productivity. – Journal of Agricultural Science   With Tire Pressure Adjustment system, you will have 15% higher fuel economy and it converts to 3,000 liter/year more and $3,600/year saving. Here is the calculation; If your tractor drives 1,000 hour/year and fuel consumption

Reduce Tire Wear

Proper tire inflation for your ag equipment will result in reduced repair and replacement costs. Incorrect inflation pressure = uneven wear = tires that wear out faster = less $$ in your pocket. Nobody wants that. –   Tire Pressure Adjustment system reduces tire wear so it brings you 20% increased tire life. If you have a high quality tire ($5,000/tire) that lasting about 5,000 hours (5 year), Your tire has 1,000 hour (1

Increase Yield

“If you repeatedly go over more than 15psi on the top soil, you will lose yield approximately 5% each year… so you will up to have 20 percent of yield loss at the end.” – Matthias Stettler, Bern University of Applied Sciences, School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences, Switzerland < BACK      

Protect Soil Structure

Heavy equipment can compact soil and damage the soil structure, which lowers yields. When soil compaction occurs you are also increasing fuel consumption and time loss. < BACK  

Reduce Soil Compaction

AgriBrink’s Tire Pressure Adjustment system allows you to widen your application window and reduce soil compaction. < BACK