Reduce Fuel Consumption

Tire manufacturers state: “Farmers can reduce fuel use in the field significantly, if they drop tire pressure.”  Reducing the tires inflation pressure decreases the driving wheel slip and fuel consumption, while increases work productivity. – Journal of Agricultural Science


With Tire Pressure Adjustment system, you will have 15% higher fuel economy and it converts to 3,000 liter/year more and $3,600/year saving.

Here is the calculation;

  • If your tractor drives 1,000 hour/year and fuel consumption is 20 liter/hour.
  • 1,000 hour/year x 20 liter/hour x 15% = 3,000 liter/year of fuel saving with our system.
  • If fuel cost is $1.2/liter then 3,000 liter/year of fuel saving x $1.2/liter = $3,600/year of fuel cost saving.