Featuring leading European compaction researcher, Matthias Stettler, sharing new tools and technology to measure compaction damage caused by farm equipment.

Multiple soil pit demos that measured and showed compaction damage caused by; variety of heavy equipment and axle configurations, tires of various widths, tires versus track systems, deflation/inflation tire pressure systems.

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Compaction Action Data - AgriBrink

Tandem Manure Tanker with Inflation System

JD Self Propelled Sprayer with Inflation System

Fendt Tractor + Large Square Baler with Inflation System

CaseIH Magnum High HP Row Crop Tractor + Manure Spreader Dry Tri Axle Box with Inflation System

Fendt Tractor + Liquid Nuhn Quad Steer Articulating Liquid Manure Tanker with Inflation System

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