Reduce Tire Wear

Proper tire inflation for your ag equipment will result in reduced repair and replacement costs.

Incorrect inflation pressure = uneven wear = tires that wear out faster = less $$ in your pocket. Nobody wants that. –


Tire Pressure Adjustment system reduces tire wear so it brings you 20% increased tire life.

  • If you have a high quality tire ($5,000/tire) that lasting about 5,000 hours (5 year),
    • Your tire has 1,000 hour (1 year) more lifespan with our system.
      • 5,000 hour x 20% = 1,000 hour (1 year)
    • Your tire’s lifespan is 6 year( $833/year) instead of 5 year($1,000/year)!
      • Your are saving $167/year per tire.
      • It means you save $667/year for your tractor (4 wheels).