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Central tyre inflation systems – the options and prices


Tractor and trailer

The AgriBrink system fitted to a tractor and trailer © Larrington Trailers

AgriBrink is an air inflation/deflation system from Canada supplied by Larrington Trailers. It features a front-mounted tractor bumper unit housing a large-capacity hydraulically driven compressor and two compressed air storage tanks.

A distribution manifold, regulated by an in-cab control unit programmed with the required inflation pressures, sends air to the tractor’s front tyres, rear tyres and trailer tyres for simultaneous adjustment.

A fourth channel is available for situations where the trailed equipment – such as a potato harvester – has tyres of different sizes, requiring different pressures.

Each channel can have three different pressures programmed – road, field unladen and field loaded, for example – selected by a toggle switch on the side of the controller.

The combination of storage tanks and large rim valves is said to enable inflating a complete set of tractor and trailer tyres from field to road pressures in about 90 seconds.

It is priced at £16,950 for the tractor system, plus £1,250 per wheel to extend it to trailed equipment.

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